Saga was born in 1988 in Sweden and is part of three different performance-groups, with whom she does most of her artistic work: 1) "Bataljonen", a collective based in Gothenburg, consisting of 8 performing artists. Together they create participatory shows where anyone can join, with the goal to renew how performing art is made and perceived in Sweden. They want to be an alternative and a counterweight to cemented ideas and traditional canons. Their shows are performed regularly at Göteborgs Opera, Stora Teater Göteborg, Frölunda Kulturhus Göteborg. 2) "New Opera CO", a music-performance group based in Gothenburg, led by composer, musician and performer Niklas Rydén. Together they create new opera works, based on current topics and with a more everyday singing style than the classical one. Their shows are performed at the Atalante Teater Göteborg. 3) "The Mainstream Official". Besides all that, she works as a freelance composer and director at Swedish theaters such as Gothenburg's Opera, National Theater of Sweden in Stockholm, Ung Scen/Öst in Linköping and German Theaters such as Staatsschauspiel Dresden and Theater Konstanz.

Nicola Bremer was born in 1989 from a Swiss mother and a German father. He grew up in Italy, where at the age of 8 he accidentally discovered an ancient roman bridge. Later he studied film and theater-theories at the University of Turin. During this time he worked as an actor for the Teatro Stabile di Torino (the national theater of Turin), as a tennis-teacher and as a youtuber (more than 2 Million views), making social experiments for newspaper such as "La Repubblica" and cultural institutions such as "Club of Rome". In 2014 he moved to Sweden, where he founded together with Saga Björklund Jönsson the performance group "The Mainstream Official". In 2016 he moved to Germany, where he has been writing and/or directing plays for theaters such as Deutsches Theater Berlin, Staatsschauspiel Dresden, Staatstheater Augsburg, Staatstheater Oldenburg, Staatstheater Meiningen, Schauspiel Köln, Theater Konstanz, Theater Oberhausen, Theater Görlitz/Zittau, Theater Bautzen, Landestheater Coburg, Neue Bühne Senftenberg. In 2018 the German theater-newspaper "Theater Heute" nominated him as best emerging artist for his theater-series "Selfies einer Utopie". On his Instagram-channel @selfieseinerutopie he writes political satire-quotes and has already more than 8.000 followers. As a visual artist he creates artworks with the help of artificial intelligence, interactive installations in public spaces and collages that document his artistic process as a writer and had exhibitions of his works in Italy and England. Right now he is one of the artists sponsored by the German foundation Fonds Darstellende Künste. He spends more time on trains than in his living room, is coffee-addicted and loves cats.