Postcapitalist Flirt

"In a world which is crumbling, three survivors try to defeat Capitalism by sleeping. During their extraordinary mission, surrounded by an original live music soundtrack, they meet desperate lovers, violent anarchists, strange zombies and other creepy characters."

Postcapitalist Flirt

Music by Saga Björklund Jönsson

Lyrics by Nicola Bremer

Directed by Nicola Bremer

Poem by Imelda Cruz

With Saga Björklund Jönsson, Amanda Nordmark and David Timonen

Premiere at Gothenburg Fringe Festival the 20th august 2016!

5th August 2017

Sprungturm Festival, Hoffart Theater [DE]

20-21st May 2017

Tribunalen Festivalen, Teater Tribunalen [SE]

4th February 2017

Vinterscenen, Grenland Friteater

15th November 2016

Bataljonens Paradiskällare, After Work

29th October 2016

Konstkollektivets Festival [SE]

20th September 2016

Safirgatan 9 [SE]

22nd September 2016

Hostpunkt [NO]