Deep Fried State

Photos by: Amanda Arnborg


This makes ”Deep Fried State” a surreal, potent exploration of the power of social media influence, the line between authenticity and deception in our hyper-connected world and political transformation. The show is a wide mix of stand-up comedy, club concert, video installation, theater, philosophical debate and french fries.

Text och regi: Nicola Bremer
Musik: Saga Björklund Jönsson
Scenografi och kostym: Steffi Rehberg
Videokonst: Wiebke Heeren.

I filmerna skådespelar även: Aako Raoofi, Hanna Morau, Hans-Erich Christenson, Leila Aissat, Lisa Bjerhem, Lena Szentesi, Jocko Bjerhem Jönsson, Käthe Leng, Skye Lindahl, Elle Alvaro Bono, Jack White Gårdstedt, Ebba Sundin, Bosse Carlsson, Klubbägaren, Robert Qvist och Sever Altunay.

Föreställningen spelas på engelska, och görs mes stöd av Creative Europe och Konstnärsnämnden.

Deep Fried State - Photo Amanda Arnborg - 1
Deep Fried State - Photo Amanda Arnborg - 4
Deep Fried State - Photo Amanda Arnborg - 2

In a fusion of online and offline worlds, ”Deep Fried State” blends political satire with magical realism, telling the journey of a social media influencer who decides to become president. With her cat Samsa as her trademark, she intends to use her reach to get enough votes from her followers in the upcoming elections. However, what does she promise? Is she trustworthy? Or is she lying like everyone else?

Today, in a world where it is increasingly difficult to tell what is real and what is fake, can the truth still exist? And can jokes bring down governments? The show captures the current challenges in the world of politics, echoing Kafkaesque undertones, while the audience is led to question the feasibility of an individual effecting genuine systemic change.