L.E.B. 2


"I'm sick of this shit! You know what? Let's try something else. Fuck sitting and laying around. Fuck stop speaking. Fuck Beyonce! And fuck you-tube! Let's sing. But this time, Beyonce, we're not singing better than you. Oh no! This time we're gonna sing really badly. Fuck our talent! We're giving it away to the people out there! They should deal with it, we're fucking sick of it. Just because we have this talent and these skills, we're supposed to do what? Distract them? Tell them the story of our hero Beyonce? Make everyday the best show of our life? I'm sorry, but that's not in anymore. This is not the time of trying to be at our best. Look where it got us, this always trying to be better and better and better. It brought us the end of the world. So fuck it. This is the time to suck. To suck really fucking bad. I'm understanding Beyonce now. Let's do what she did. Singing her own songs badlier than everybody else. Come on! Let's fuck this up! And call it a low budget concert. Because it is low budget, but most of all, it really sucks. We are in a Karaoke Bar, aren't we? Or what is this place? This L. E. B. 2? Liberte Egalite Beyonce! And what does the 2 stand for? It stands for 2-night! So come on, people! Let's fuck some Beyonce-Songs up!"

L.E.B.2 is a show about a Karaoke bar, Beyoncé delegating her power and climate change.

The show is written by Nicola Bremer and Saga Björklund Jönsson

"You shouldn't create work. You should delete it, eliminate it!"

On stage: Amanda Nordmark, Patrik Svedberg, and Saga Björklund Jönsson.